Next Generation Data Communication Protocols

Initiative Data Communication

As use cases for data communications evolve, so do the protocols that enable the communication. 

Data communications have become more and more integrated in daily life, as such the data communications industry has had to evolve.  The growth in the data centers space, along with the wireless market, have instigated the need for cost-effective, scalable, nimble networks. This shift in the market has enable enterprise networks and traditional service providers to follow suit.  The need for cost-effective reliable communications with high-data rates have been driving the evolution.  Leveraging years of experience, we are investigating new methods of communication, data storage and security.  Whether it’s in the enterprise, the data center,  the cloud, or part of the internet of things, we have the ability to investigate network protocols and algorithms, physical layer communications,  and hardware design with application to enterprise, data center and wireless networks.

The Projects